Behind every great business, there’s a story worth knowing…


From 1973 until 1993, Steve Seals and Steve Biehle, worked alongside one another as friends and carpenters at Palmo Construction. When Vince Palmo retired and closed the business, Seals and Biehle decided to venture their 20+ years of experience in healthcare and education construction to form Seals/Biehle General Contractors. The following twenty years encompassed hundreds of projects, large and small, across all major industry sectors which included commercial, education, healthcare, industrial, religious, and public works construction projects to an extensive list of satisfied clients. Steve Seals and Steve Biehle provided the company with strong roots and a foundation of quality construction. They built the organization based on the principles of honesty, respect for clients and a commitment to working efficiently to deliver the best possible product.

After Steve Biehle’s retirement in 2015, the company underwent a name change and currently operates as Seals Construction. Today, Seals Construction honors the rich history of its founders and is committed to maintaining the principles upon which the company was built – they are, after all, the common thread between the past and future.

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