Reedley College Math & Science Building

Technology helping higher education

The new Reedley College Math, Science & Engineering Building is the first of many State Center Community College District projects aimed at bringing quality higher education to the Central Valley. This state-of-the-art facility provides modern technology and resources for students to thrive in their STEM courses and future career paths. The two-story structure is home to simulation dental and nursing labs, which play a vital educational role by allowing students to experience hands-on-learning for future careers. The first floor of the building boasts an expansive math tutoring center equipped with private meeting rooms, study spaces, versatile mobile furniture for students to collaborate, and a vast amount of integrated technology. Multiple chemistry labs, lecture rooms and staff offices fill the remaining space of the 28,000 square foot building. An intimate courtyard, providing a tranquil outdoor learning area or place to relax between classes, completes the new educational area which welcomed students for the 2021 Fall Semester.

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