Redwood High School Gym Modernization

Ranger Pride fills new gymnasium space

Redwood High School’s gymnasium, locker rooms, and dance studio received a much needed and anticipated upgrade. Prior to construction, this essential building on campus was rendered unusable for the student body. The drab and dilapidated structure had a failing cooling system, parts of the ceiling were deteriorating, and the locker rooms and restrooms were non-compliant to code.

The remodel and modernization called for new wall finishes, flooring, fixtures, and mechanical equipment throughout the building. An energy efficient mechanical system; LED lights and fixtures were installed to help improve the school’s eco-friendly atmosphere. A reflective white coating was applied on the roof, which will aid in lowering energy costs by nearly 20 percent. Due to space constraints on campus, the installation of 13 new HVAC units were not able to be furnished in a typical fashion. Helicopters were used to airlift the new units onto the roof of the gym, locker rooms and dance room.

The dance room located within the gymnasium building is vital to the Visual & Performing Arts Department, offering an array of classes ranging from introduction to dance, to hip-hop, and international dance. The space received a new HVAC unit, a new ceiling and a fresh paint job which brightened up the room. The girls’ and boys’ locker rooms were transformed into a more functional and accessible space with the addition of new lockers and re-configured restrooms and showers. The gym’s existing bleachers were replaced with new telescopic and retractable bleachers, which will accommodate 1,400 people for sporting events and school rallies. A new hardwood flooring system was installed and upgraded noise-reducing acoustic ceiling panels added to provide greater sound clarity for the speaker system.

The gym’s bright and fresh look will welcome students and staff at rallies and games, as Ranger Pride fills the space. Many traditions and memories will be made for years to come in this beautiful new gym.

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