City of Clovis Fire Station #6

Firehouse in new Clovis neighborhood

The beautiful mission-style Fire Station Number 6, located in the growing Loma Vista community of Clovis, is situated amongst orchards and lined with drought-resistant landscaping and pedestrian paths. Five dorm-like rooms, each equipped with a bed, desk and computer give fire-fighters a quiet area to rest before tackling a difficult day. Across the hallway from the private bedrooms are three single-occupancy restrooms, each designed with large tile-lined showers. The common living space provides an open floor plan with a large kitchen and expansive rec room where firefighters can relax and enjoy each other’s company while not battling fires.

The apparatus bay is able to house and service three engines. Directly off the apparatus bay is the turnout room, where equipment and gear can be placed prior to decontamination and stored afterward. A workout room is fully equipped with the latest fitness equipment including a treadmill, bike, rower, weights, and Force G20 all-in-one trainer. Standing tall at 150 behind the firehouse is the telecommunications tower.

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